Sunday, December 2, 2012

Butter Dish

There are a few hot coloured pots coming out of the kiln this week ready for Christmas. These just go in between the bigger work and give me inspiration when I am over whelmed by the *Win or Lose* Jars that I am working on right now. Nothing like a bit of normal service to center the mind!


Linda Starr said...

Hope you are doing well Kitty, this looks like a secret butter hiding place, if only I had a stash of winning lottery tickets to put in there.

Kitty Shepherd said...

Doing alright here, but it is very cold at the moment.

I should have posted a photo of the inside, it is double walled to keep the butter cool too.

Your work is really amazing, so much has evolved!

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Love the butter dish

Christine said...

Hot butter dish and cool on the inside. Oh so tempting. Beautiful. Stay warm.

Peter said...

Happy Christmas and New Year Kitty, I often wonder how things are for you whenever we hear news of the troubled times politically and financially in your part of the world.
Kind Thoughts from us here in NZ.

Kitty Shepherd said...

Happy Christmas to you too Peter. Life in Spain is very good, we always have food and sunshine in this country and the joy of life is infectious!