Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pot with Ray Guns

This pot has taken a long time to finish despite working on it every day for up to 9 hours a day. There is a lot carving, layering, scraping and even more colour. I really hope this piece is going to radiate childhood memories of plastic ray guns. The zinging auras around the ray guns work well to my eye, it makes them vibrate. For me, it was (and still is) all about the lurid colours of these toys which never seem to fade, even when you find them years later, forgotten until that moment. Memory can be this bright.

Below are some images of the work in progress. Plastic bags and cling film have been essential in keeping this piece from drying out. Temperatures here rose suddenly to 38 degrees, not helpful at all when your working with slips on a damp body. There have been wet towels hanging in the workshop to try and control the humidity. Pot stands at approximately 58 centimeters tall. 

The Arundel Gallery Trail website is now live and all the participating artist have their work up. It looks like a great collection of works will be on show! The reason I know it is live is that my UK mobile telephone number has been posted and I am receiving a fairly large amount of calls from the UK. I can't answer, I am in the Granada studio, the cost of taking these calls will be astronomical. Please email me if you want to correspond and I will answer. 


smartcat said...

Shades of Space Patrol! This takes me back to saturday morning tv! Nice!

J R Shepherd said...

Great post - fabulous to hear about your working conditions and how those towels have had to come out again for humidity control. Really sets the scene. Pot is fantastic - looking forward to the glaze dipping experience with you. Definitely a two man job at 58cm! Well done for all this hard work. Time for a glass of vino!